07 Feb 2014

OnDestination: Mildura on the Murray

As a child growing up the only reason I knew Mildura existed was because it was always on the 7pm ABC news weather report as a dot in the top left hand corner of the state and more often than not recorded the highest temperature for the day. Fast forward

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 8.56.15 AM
02 Feb 2013

Share the Travel Writing Love

Hi Everyone, This is an unusual post on my blog as it isn’t reviewing anything for a change. This time I’m asking for your help in sharing my love of writing about travel around. A few months ago I entered the BarrelHopping travel writing contest, and my article is now

26 Jan 2011

Australia Day: Relax & Enjoy

Happy Australia Day to everyone who has decided to check out the blog on 26 January – Australia Day. For those of you in Australia I hope you enjoy the public holiday which is nicely breaking up a week this year as it falls on “hump day” (also known as

Stanley Park
26 Oct 2010

Get the Idea

After being completely inundated with hits to my site over the last 24 hours I thought, hey what better time to get back on here and post a new video blog.. Maybe tomorrow we’ll make it into the double digits! Jokes aside, Welcome to the 8 visitors that stopped by