Byron Bay Lighthouse
16 May 2014

OnDestination: Byron Bay – Australia’s most Easterly Point

A #justforfun daytrip isn’t complete without an early morning wake up, a trip to the airport and flight to somewhere I haven’t been before. As winter is coming, I chose to escape the fast approaching cool Melbourne day, for a warmer day in Byron Bay. In typical fashion (for me

Rotorua Geysers
12 Aug 2013

OnDestination: Rotorua’s Te Puia Geyser Park

The vast majority of my blog contains airport and flight reviews, so, I thought to give you some idea of what I do, and thus what you might want to do after one of these flights, I’m branching out just a little and writing some more OnDestination reviews about the places

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 8.56.15 AM
02 Feb 2013

Share the Travel Writing Love

Hi Everyone, This is an unusual post on my blog as it isn’t reviewing anything for a change. This time I’m asking for your help in sharing my love of writing about travel around. A few months ago I entered the BarrelHopping travel writing contest, and my article is now

08 Nov 2012

All Aboard! “The VIA Canadian”

The are plenty of great railroad journeys around the world that many aspire to complete, the trans Siberian, Indian pacific or Rocky Mountaineer all come to mind pretty easily. Most people associate these grand rail journeys with equally grand price tags and thus feel they are out of reach. But

02 Nov 2012

Victoria B.C (No not Melbourne)

Hey all, sorry I didn’t get around to doing a video blog last night as it was Halloween over here in North America, so naturally I was on a ghost tour of the Pike Place Markets. I’ll put up a blog and review about that later on during my trip

31 Oct 2012

Video Blog: Seattle under a jetlag haze

The first day of any trip is always a mixture of excitement and being so bloody tired that you need to really think when crossing the road, especially when cars are now coming from the other way. Thus this morning was a little bit of a write off as I